How To Create Appropriate Content On Web Pages With WordPress

The appropriate content for your website depends largely on the target audience, and the effect you want to achieve on the readers. Are you looking for information on a specific topic, or do you prefer information about the company? Put yourself in the position of your future readers and also ask friends and acquaintances. However, regardless of the theme on which a given page finally focuses, some rules can be taken into account in all cases victory996:

Informative content

 -The information must be relevant and reliable for quality.

– Objective: to provoke in the reader the desire to visit the page regularly.

– Method: link to other articles external or internal, use explanatory graphics, images, etc.

Simple page structuring

 -The information must be available and localizable; the structure of the web must be logical and intuitive.

– Objective: to attract the attention of the reader visually, to favor the presentation of the content.

– Method: titles, marks and lists, F reading pattern, inverted pyramid principle, menus, categories, labels and label clouds, etc.

Attention! Overused graphic elements can distract the user and deviate from the essential. If, in addition, navigation is complicated, most visitors leave the page prematurely.

The information must be entertaining.

 – Readers appreciate this effort since it is very difficult to pay attention to a text that, despite being informative, is difficult to understand.

– Objective: present information in a register that encourages the reader to decide to remain on the page.

– Method: meet the group of readers for whom the text is intended, investigate the presentation of content on similar pages, use images, videos, and graphics.

Attention! When entering multimedia material from third party pages, it is important to pay attention to image rights.

Manage your website in WordPress

You have already figured out how to create a web page with WordPress, but now you have to worry about maintaining and protecting it.


If you have created, for example, a static page that is limited to giving information about your company, you have to take into account that all the information that appears in it must be updated. Thus, you must indicate on your website any change in the physical address of the company, an increase in the services offered, or a change in prices since the website is the main source of information for most customers.

Also, in the case of blogs or news pages, it is important to always be updating the information as readers will only revisit the page if they continually find the content of interest. In order to organize the publication of content in the long term, it is very useful to use the writing plans, especially when it is a team with several members.


To guarantee the availability and security of a web page, it is important to follow a series of steps. First of all, you should be aware that installing the updates will help you to minimize possible security breaches. Also, creating regular backups or backups can be of great help against possible failures in the structure. You can create them manually or through free or paid plugins and programs that will make your job easier. Another option available is to guarantee the protection of passwords, choosing long passwords made up of letters, numbers, and special characters. In addition, to protect yourself from cyber-attacks, you can use plugins such as, for example, limit Login Attempts or Wordfence Security, which block the user’s IP address after a certain number of unsuccessful access attempts.

Regular updates help close regular security breaches


To get the most out of a web page, you must pay attention to performance and visitor statistics, so that you can react quickly to poor results and adapt the strategies or techniques used. To obtain the statistics of the users, you can turn to Google Analytics, although most of the web owners use the open-source software Piwik that, to be able to integrate into WordPress, requires a specific plugin, WP-Matomo (WP-Piwik).